Software projects I have done so far.

This is a (probably incomplete) list of notable things I built over the years. Some in corporate context in a team setting, some as a hobby on my own.


Battlefy Platform

  • Description: eSports Events & Tournaments
  • Technologies: React.js, Serverless, AWS

AIDA Website

  • Description: eCommerce, Content, SSO
  • Technologies: Elixir, Phoenix, Rust

AIDA Careers

  • Description: Empowering HR Marketing
  • Technologies: React.js, Serverless, AWS

AIDA Cruise Planner

  • Description: Travel Services eCommerce
  • Technologies: Vue.js, Serverless, AWS

AIDA Booking Engine

  • Description: Online Booking Engine
  • Technologies: Vue.js, Serverless, AWS


  • Description: Fintech & Banking Services
  • Technologies: Javascript, Backbone.js, PHP

S'Peak App

  • Description: Meetup-App for internal conferences
  • Technologies: Coffeescript, Meteor.js


  • Description: Price Comparison Shopping
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Angular.js

Open Source

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