small illustration of Empathy

Stage: Empathy

Discovering and understanding deeply the pain points of your niche market.

Problem To Solve

Finding a problem that is truly important to the target audience and worth solving.

Success Criteria

Validation that the target audience acknowledges the problem and shows initial interest in your proposed solution.

Category: Chatbot (2)

Connect and collaborate using GPT-powered chat-assistants, designed for intuitive and responsive user interactions.

illustration of fresh bites bot
fresh bites bot

Custom GPT as an alternative frontend to my website to allow for interactive recipe search and tweaking.

illustration of Instant Landing Page Wizard
Instant Landing Page Wizard

Transform your product ideas into compelling marketing narratives with this AI-driven Chatbot. Interactive content creation to enhance your digital presence.

Category: SPA (1)

A client-only web application that works directly in the users' browser. Can optionally use public APIs to fetch external data.

illustration of Investment Calculator
Investment Calculator

Calculate future investment values by inputting monthly amounts, interest rates, and investment periods. Provides clear, year-by-year growth projections.

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illustration of Rewrite it in Rust: Fun Weekend & Happy Wife

How I rewrote a pet project in Rust, shipped it within 2 days start-to-finish, and gained social credit along the way.