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Problem Hypothesis

Keeping up with the fast-paced tech industry can be overwhelming, with spam, clickbait, and unreliable sources cluttering your news feed.

Solution Attempt

Dev News offers a manually curated, spam-free news feed with customizable topics, ensuring you receive the most relevant updates and insights without the noise.

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Stage: Stickiness

Ensuring your solution is indispensable and retains users effectively.

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Category: Website

A basic web 1.0 website that is solely server-rendered HTML and optionally a small database, without any multi-user capabilities except for a single admin area.


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How I rewrote a pet project in Rust, shipped it within 2 days start-to-finish, and gained social credit along the way.

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How I got my sanity back after years of JavaScript madness. Building websites finally is fun again - plus hosting and maintenance is much better!