small illustration of Stickiness

Stage: Stickiness

Ensuring your solution is indispensable and retains users effectively.

Problem To Solve

Confirming that the product is engaging enough to keep users returning.

Success Criteria

High user engagement metrics, such as daily or monthly active users, demonstrating repeated use.

Category: Chatbot (1)

Connect and collaborate using GPT-powered chat-assistants, designed for intuitive and responsive user interactions.

illustration of MVP Architect
MVP Architect

Enter your software product idea and let GPT find out optimal target audiences, the primary use case, an implementation outline, a competitor analysis and more!

Category: Website (3)

A basic web 1.0 website that is solely server-rendered HTML and optionally a small database, without any multi-user capabilities except for a single admin area.

illustration of Anonyfox Homepage
Anonyfox Homepage

Discover Anonyfox's comprehensive personal homepage, featuring an in-depth CV, detailed project portfolio, and unique code grimoire. Including my Blog.

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Dev News

Stay updated with the latest in tech with our curated news feed. No spam, no clickbait, just quality insights and discussions tailored for developers and indie hackers.

illustration of fresh bites
fresh bites

Personal cooking recipe collection for my wife (in german). Enhanced with customized relations between recipes, ingredients and units.

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illustration of GPT4o Just Landed And Will Be Free For All!

The latest OpenAI ChatGPT model just got reveiled and it will be free for everyone - but more importantly: the GPT Store will be, too!