illustration of Chatbot

Category: Chatbot

Connect and collaborate using GPT-powered chat-assistants, designed for intuitive and responsive user interactions.

Stage: Empathy (2)

Discovering and understanding deeply the pain points of your niche market.

illustration of fresh bites bot
fresh bites bot

Custom GPT as an alternative frontend to my website to allow for interactive recipe search and tweaking.

illustration of Instant Landing Page Wizard
Instant Landing Page Wizard

Transform your product ideas into compelling marketing narratives with this AI-driven Chatbot. Interactive content creation to enhance your digital presence.

Stage: Stickiness (1)

Ensuring your solution is indispensable and retains users effectively.

illustration of MVP Architect
MVP Architect

Enter your software product idea and let GPT find out optimal target audiences, the primary use case, an implementation outline, a competitor analysis and more!

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illustration of GPT4o Just Landed And Will Be Free For All!

The latest OpenAI ChatGPT model just got reveiled and it will be free for everyone - but more importantly: the GPT Store will be, too!

illustration of The Solopreneur and AI assistants

My thoughts about how solopreneurs and indie hackers can leverage AI tools to delegate work tasks without having employees or paying freelancers.