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Unlock the secrets to business mastery! Dive into strategies, trends, and tips that empower solopreneurs and indie hackers to thrive.

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illustration of GPT4o Just Landed And Will Be Free For All!
GPT4o Just Landed And Will Be Free For All!

The latest OpenAI ChatGPT model just got reveiled and it will be free for everyone - but more importantly: the GPT Store will be, too!

illustration of Digital Assets
Digital Assets

Learn how to categorize, build, and leverage digital products like websites, chat assistants, ebooks, and apps to create a sustainable lifestyle business.

illustration of LEAN Backend Miniaturization
LEAN Backend Miniaturization

Instead of inflating infrastructure complexity, make things smaller and easy to reason about

illustration of I failed to transform the enterprise
I failed to transform the enterprise

how management power plays win out over measurable profit increases, risk mitigations and years of track record

illustration of Beating the Average
Beating the Average

How few experts can beat or transform any company

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Stay ahead of the tech curve! Discover cutting-edge tools, trends, and insights tailored for solopreneurs and indie hackers driving innovation.

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Explore LEAN strategies to streamline your startup. Essential tips on efficiency and growth for indie hackers and solopreneurs. Simplify to amplify!

illustration of Indie Hacking
Indie Hacking

Dive into the world of solo entrepreneurship. Get insights and strategies for building successful, self-reliant tech businesses.