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Explore LEAN strategies to streamline your startup. Essential tips on efficiency and growth for indie hackers and solopreneurs. Simplify to amplify!

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illustration of The joy of traditional SSR website development
The joy of traditional SSR website development

How I got my sanity back after years of JavaScript madness. Building websites finally is fun again - plus hosting and maintenance is much better!

illustration of LEAN Backend Miniaturization
LEAN Backend Miniaturization

Instead of inflating infrastructure complexity, make things smaller and easy to reason about

illustration of Beating the Average
Beating the Average

How few experts can beat or transform any company

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Stay ahead of the tech curve! Discover cutting-edge tools, trends, and insights tailored for solopreneurs and indie hackers driving innovation.

illustration of Indie Hacking
Indie Hacking

Dive into the world of solo entrepreneurship. Get insights and strategies for building successful, self-reliant tech businesses.

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Unlock the secrets to business mastery! Dive into strategies, trends, and tips that empower solopreneurs and indie hackers to thrive.

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illustration of Software Architecture
Software Architecture

Dive into the world of Software Architecture where design meets functionality. Explore frameworks, patterns, and best practices that define the structure of software systems, making them robust, scalable, and maintainable.

illustration of Rust

A language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. Futuristic swiss army knife and probably the most powerful mainstream technology today