Software Architecture

Dive into the world of Software Architecture where design meets functionality. Explore frameworks, patterns, and best practices that define the structure of software systems, making them robust, scalable, and maintainable.

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Software Architects design the overall structure of software systems, ensuring they meet both technical and business requirements. They create blueprints for complex systems and guide the development process by making high-level design choices and defining technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms. Their role often involves decision-making that impacts the architectural direction of a project and collaboration with various stakeholders to address software challenges. Proficiency in programming languages and deep knowledge of software engineering principles are essential for this role.

Meteor React Collection Hooks

How to use Meteor collections pub/sub with react hooks: clean wrapping of meteor subscription data with the useTracker hook.

OTP GenServer

Minimal descriptive example of an OTP GenServer in Elixir.

OTP Multiple Supervised Agent Workers

How to have multiple supervised agent processes of the same type in Elixir.

OTP Supervisor

Minimal snippet for implementing a supervisor process in Elixir.

Rust Maud Templates

How to build parent templates/partials with Rust in maud, using a simple functional component.

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illustration of The joy of traditional SSR website development

How I got my sanity back after years of JavaScript madness. Building websites finally is fun again - plus hosting and maintenance is much better!

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illustration of Actix-Web

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