Actix-Web embed and serve static asset files

Example of how to embed a folder os static assets into the final binary and serve them on configured routes from actix-web.

First we need to declare the folder where the assets are located, I'll use a "assets" folder relative to the crate root:

use rust_embed_for_web::RustEmbed;

#[folder = "assets/"]
struct Asset;

then we want to define a two services: a default handler for all kinds of files, straight from the asset folder, on a mountable path of choice, and then a special handler that explicitly serves the /favicon.ico route which all browsers request by default:

		// -snip--
		// -snip-

and this is how the handlers are made easily, including automatic mime-type, etag and last-modified headers, as well as doing automatic compression if it makes sense:

use actix_web::{get, web, Responder};
use actix_web_rust_embed_responder::{EmbedResponse, EmbedableFileResponse, IntoResponse};

async fn serve_favicon() -> impl Responder {

async fn serve_asset(name: web::Path<String>) -> EmbedResponse<EmbedableFileResponse> {

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