React Pagination Hook

Drop-in typescript code to handle pagination properly with react hooks and URL query parameters

This short hook leverages several best practices:

  • use an URL query parameter to persist the current state
    • better UX when reloading the website
    • better SEO since all pages are crawlable
  • leverage history.replace() to preserve clean browser history
  • API surface is the same as useState()
  • graceful fallback to 1 if there is no page parameter set currently
import { useHistory, useLocation } from "react-router-dom";

export const usePagination = (): [number, (page: number) => void] => {
  const { pathname, search } = useLocation();
  const params = new URLSearchParams(search);
  const page = parseInt(params.get('page') || "1");
  const history = useHistory();

  const setPage = (newPage = 1) => {
    params.set('page', newPage.toString())
    history.replace({ pathname, search: params.toString() });

  return [page, setPage]

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