Ecto Custom Field Validation

Minimal snippet to define a custom changeset validation function for a field in Elixir’s Ecto library.

# declare this in your schema file
defp validate_language(changeset, field, options \\ []) do
  validate_change(changeset, field, fn _, str ->
    case str in ["en", "de"] do
      true -> []
      false -> [{field, options[:message] || "Invalid Language"}]

# use it like this
# ...
|> validate_language(:my_field_name)
# ...

This minimal example validates that a given string field contains only allowed values. In this case, language codes are used.

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A toolkit for data mapping and language integrated query. The Elixir answer to Ruby's ActiveRecord.

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Harness the power of concurrent, fault-tolerant programming for scalable, maintainable applications. Code that flows like water!

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