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Deploy a Rust or Go binary to a VPS daemonized

Example deploying to a Digital Ocean linux droplet via email/password authentication and use the screen command to keep the service running as a daemon.

Enable IEx command history

With this flag, IEx will remember the input history between sessions. Helps with faster app restart workflows while developing.

Get File Encoding

Simple shell command to guess the encoding of a text file.

Get the Number of Lines of a file

Simple shell command to count the number of lines of a text file.

Import SQLite records from another database

See how to copy SQLite rows from an already existing (old) database into another database, table by table, using the ATTACH DATABASE built-in feature from within a bash script.

Shell Command To Resize Images

The quick and efficient way to ad-hoc resize an image file right from bash or zsh terminals using image magick.

Transform All Image Files to webp

Bash script that replaces all image files within a folder into webp files of the same size.

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Fast, simple, and efficient. Ideal for solopreneurs, Go's straightforward syntax and powerful performance allow for quick development and deployment.

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A language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. Futuristic swiss army knife and probably the most powerful mainstream technology today

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The lightweight and surprisingly fast database option for relational data. Ideal for traditional VPS-style deployments with persistent disk, or in-memory for nontrivial aggregations.

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