Make your digital content discoverable and digestable by web crawlers. Ensure that visitors have a straightforward experience.

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An SEO Specialist optimizes websites to improve their visibility and ranking on search engines. Key responsibilities include conducting keyword research, developing content strategies, performing on-page and technical SEO optimizations, and building quality backlinks. They use SEO tools like Google Analytics to monitor performance and adjust strategies based on data insights. This role requires a strong understanding of search engine algorithms, proficiency in HTML/CSS, and excellent analytical and communication skills.

allow all robots.txt file

Minimal template for a robots.txt file that allows all crawlers to crawl everything. Also include a direct link to the sitemap.xml for better discoverability of the page.

Frontend Social Buttons without JavaScript

ow to embed some social sharing buttons in a website without Javascript or any third party code

How to quickly check backlinks to your site using google

Small google search trick to have an instant overview about sites linking to you

React SEO Metatags

Drop-in component to render all SEO meta tags for common websites while using Helmet and React Router, written in typescript.

Twitter Cards Markup

How to get your sites looking good on X timelines and ensure that images actually show up as intended. Sharing is caring!

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illustration of Rewrite it in Rust: Fun Weekend & Happy Wife

How I rewrote a pet project in Rust, shipped it within 2 days start-to-finish, and gained social credit along the way.

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Explore the critical world of System Administration, where efficiency and reliability keep computer systems running smoothly. Learn about the tools and techniques for managing servers, networks, and software to ensure optimal performance and security.

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